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Odd Poppy offers a range of design services. Please navigate through to our Our Work page so view our portfolio.


Brand Design

Having a logo and a business card is not enough.

So much more goes into creating a great brand design for your business. It’s not just about what it looks like, but how it makes your potential and existing clients feel. It paves the way for you to build lasting relationships with your clients by instilling trust by using professionally designed imagery.

Together we create a unique visual identity for your business that captures the essence of your brand. Show your clients who you are and what you’re about by using intelligent, effective, and memorable design.

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Graphic Design

Turn up your brand’s volume with kickass graphic design.

Professional graphic design is the cherry on top that no one should do without. Our various graphic design services elevate your brand and boost your business.

Whether its digital or print we have graphic design services to showcase your brand and blow your customer’s minds.

If you are ready to infuse your brand into everything you present to your clients, the get in touch with us today.

Logo Design | Acacia Place | Our Work | Odd Poppy


Website Design

Want a website that kicks ass and takes names?

Our responsive and optimised websites work for you 24/7 ensuring constant brand presence with a professional look and feel.

Our expertise lies in providing responsive and professional website design according to the specific needs of your business.

​Whether it’s a basic 4-pager or an online store, a massive website or e-commerce site, we will do it with the greatest of pleasure.

Website Design | Simply by Design | Our Work | Odd Poppy


Document Design

Set your brand apart by having professionally designed documents on hand  to streamline your business processes .

With an easy-to-use registration form, a beautifully laid out sales brochure or information document, you can make a powerful impact on the minds of your customers.

This builds trust and ensures your professionalism shines through to all aspects of your business.

​Beautiful business stationery makes an excellent first impression with your clients. Wow your customers from the get-go and show them just how awesome you are.

Print Design | Rivonia | Our Work | Odd Poppy9


Print Media Design

We design branded media and collateral that extends your business’s reach further into the world of your client’s and prospects.

With these design services your brand will be noticed in whichever platform you choose. Through billboards, street pole ads, and This is where you reach clients you haven’t even met yet.

We ensure these designs represent who you are, what you stand for, and what you have to offer.

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